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Delivery Information


We do not have 'FREE' shipping.

The shipping cost ranges from $580 to $1,880 for pet safe cargo travel and is calculated based on the size of the kennel used at the time of travel and the final destination. Please inquire to your sales rep for details.


  • The departing airport code is ICN. (Seoul/Incheon, South Korea)

  • With the current COVID19 pandemic, the delivery options can change without notice.
  • We work with a 3rd party delivery company to accommodate the connecting flight schedules.

  • We welcome local pickup, please inquire to your sales rep for procedures.
  • The estimated delivery date from the sales team is an ESTIMATE. This date can change depending on the puppy's growth. Travel time depends on each puppy, generally from 4-6 weeks after the purchase date.
  • As we arrange the flights, there may be unforeseeable issues such as spaces that are either full or not accepted by the airline on specified dates.
  • Even though we will book for the specified date, it is not guaranteed until we get the details back from the booking agency.
  • Safety is our Top priority. For past years in business and being the most known online pet shop, all our puppies have been delivered safely. We have the right to delay the delivery date if it risks a puppy's health to be delivered at any given date. 
  • Please check with your local customs and transportation airline for any fees related to the import of a puppy. Such as documentation fees, taxes, broker usage fees. The cost for the shipping paid to us only covers the flight and the necessities to have the puppy delivered to the destination. It does not cover any fees charged by the cargo or taxes/fees charged by the destination authorities. The pickup is at the airport.
  • The puppies must pass our final vet checkups and receive safe to fly along with a quarantine visit and confirm the documentation for the travel. The delivery arrangement team will reach out for the delivery a week before the travel. By this time, if there are any changes to the arrival date, you will be notified.
  • Current quarantine office in Korea requires the puppy to be 4 months old, have baby teeth fully pierce the gum and be around 1.8lbs+ at the time of travel.